Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rabbi Baruch Lanner Vs. Rabbi Aron Tendler - By Luke Ford

I understand the reasons why many individuals feel uncomfortable going to Luke Ford's web page. It is widely known that besides writing about abuse in Jewish communities, he also writes about the porn industry.

Today Luke posted an e-mail that I thought everyone should be aware of. For that reason I am publishing the information here.

Rabbi Baruch Lanner AKA Rabbi Aron Tendler

Luke Ford: I get this email

Mr. Ford,

My name is Allen Sragow. I was involved in a group of people who had a somewhat public hand in bringing a sexual abuser to the attention of the OU, and prompting the OU to examine itself, force the resignation of those who enabled the abuser, etc.

I live in Long Beach, CA, and have recently become aware of the allegations against Rabbi Aron Tendler. I understand the concerns of those who wish to remain anonymous. So many refused to speak against the abuser in question in NJ as well, for a long time. But once the ball got rolling, not only did the OU assemble an inquiry, take testimony, and make findings against itself, people spoke up.

In a way, the more important result of this effort is that the Jewish leadership adopted rules and standards for investigating allegations of abuse.

Would such a grass-roots effort work in Los Angeles? Is there enough popular frustration to demand proper inquiries? I do not know. I think you know the neighborhood better than I do, so I pose the question to you. Perhaps if people knew more about what prompted the OU to act, they would be more willing to stand up.

Click here for or more information on Rabbi Baruch Lanner


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Although married, a father and grandfather, --- was partly done in by his former mistress, who went to the media with information about him. ... Rabbi Moshe Tendler... said in an interview that he had often cited --- in his speeches to illustrate how a devout Jew can remain faithful to the laws of kashrut and Shabbat while pursuing any career --even in law and politics. ...

Tendler, who organized a meeting of community rabbis to levy social sanctions against --- just before his breaches became public, described the former politician's behavior as a "chilul haShem," or a desecration of God's name.

His behavior "emasculated our Torah. It reduces or minimizes the claim of Torah, that this is the divine law fit for the human experience. If someone who has been exposed to Torah does these things, what will people say?" said Tendler.

It is the reverse of what a religious Jew is supposed to do, that "the name of God shall be loved by your actions in Kiddush HaShem," said the rabbi,who is also a professor at Yeshiva University and a respected expert on medical ethics."

(Focus on crimes involving religious Jews sparks debate
Jewish Telegraphic Agency - June 16, 1995

hmmmm... but what did Moshe Tendler say about his own sons???? still waiting to hear!

February 23, 2006 1:46 AM  

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