Monday, February 20, 2006

Call To Action: Contact Shaarey Zedek and the RCC executives

1) Respectfully ask them about these serious allegations that are being made and ask that they address them publicly and either defend alleged child molester Aron Tendler as an innocent man wronged OR defend his alleged victims from their predator, provide them with legal and counselling resources and ENSURE THERE NO MORE VICTIMS OF THIS PREDATOR.

2) Further ask the Shaarey Zedek Officers and Board of Directors what their personal financial liability would be at this point if Aron Tendler does anything untoward. Ask them if they are covered any longer by any sort of liability insurance. Ask them if they have checked with their insurance carrier and ask them for the name of their insurance carrier.

3) Ask all of the Board Members of Shaarey Zedek and the RCC if they are mandated reporters under California law, and then ask if they made a report of the allegations. Remember according to the law, if you suspect a child is at risk of harm YOU MUST REPORT. It is not up to the synagogue or the RCC to investigate. It's up to law enforcement.

3) Ask members of Shaarey Zedek and of the general community to contact the Rabbinical Council of California (RCC) and Shaarey Zedek and do the same.

A. Officers and Board of Directors
Shaarey Zedek Congregation
as of June 21, 2005

  1. Yakov Yellin - Chairman
  2. Jim Kapenstein - President
  3. Dr. Joshua Levy - Vice President Building Fund
  4. Brad Turell - Vice President Communications/Marketing
  5. Andrea Yekutiel - Vice President Education
  6. Robert Schacht - Vice President Facilities
  7. George Lintz - Vice President Finance
  8. Herman Muhlstein - Vice President Membership
  9. Michael Harris - Vice President Religion
  10. Dr. Martin Kay - Vice President/Secretary
  11. Ben Fried - Vice President Treasurer
  12. Rick Brown - Vice President Youth

Executive Officers/Executive Board

  1. Dr. Allen Ardestani
  2. Dr. Bruce Greenfield
  3. Michael Halpern
  4. Yisrael Hirsch
  5. Dr. Harvey Kasdan
  6. Norm Kurnick
  7. Marty Nachimson
  8. Jennifer Niman
  9. Sandy Roessler
  10. Joe Silver

Shaarey Zedek Congregation
12800 Chandler Blvd.
Valley Village, CA 91607
Phone 818-763-0560
Fax 818-763-8215

B. Rabbinical Council of California
617 S. Olive St. #515
Los Angeles, CA 90014
ph. (213) 489-8080
fax. (213) 489-8077

Please note that Rabbi Aron Tendler is still listed as the chair of the Kashrus Services of the RCC


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's better contact information:

Chairman of the board
Jacob Yellin
5153 Goodland Ave
Valley Village, CA 91607-2915
Tel.: (818) 761-1551

President of SZ
Jim Kapenstein
12612 Cumpston St
Valley Village, CA 91607-1914
Tel.: (818) 505-6556

Members of the board of directors
Dr. Allen Ardestani
(818) 769-7141

Dr. Bruce Greenfield
(818) 508-0832

Norm Kurnick
5150 Bellaire Ave
Valley Village, CA 91607-2908
Tel.: (818) 769-0200

Marty Nachimson
5118 Babcock Ave
Valley Village, CA
(818) 762-2657

Sandy Roessler
(818) 985-7775

February 20, 2006 11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you won't post this, but Califonria law exculpates volunteer directors of nonprofits from personal liability for the liabilities of the nonprofit, except in cases where the director acted beyond gross negligence.

February 20, 2006 1:06 PM  

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