Friday, January 27, 2006

Unbelieveable - 300,000 hits

Note From The Awareness Center:

Can you believe in less then 27 days The Awareness Center has gotten over 300,000 hit's to our web page?

Can you imagine if every time you went to one of the pages on The Awareness Center's site, you paid $1.00?

Can you imagine if every time you received a copy of The Awareness Center's daily newsletter you paid 50ยข to $1.00?

The Awareness Center is much more then "a web page". We are the international Jewish Coalition against Sexual Abuse/Assault.

Every day we receive telephone calls and emails from survivors, parents, educators, and rabbis from all over the globe who are looking for help for themselves, or someone they care about.

Many of you may be unaware that The Awareness Center offers on-line self-help groups for survivors, parents who are dealing with victimization issues.

The Awareness Center offers networking groups for rabbis, mental health and legal professionals. We also offer a daily e-mail newsletter.

Did you ever want to educate your community on sexual violence? Or what to start a networking or self-help group for your community? The Awareness Center offers a speakers bureau providing education on topics related to sexual violence.

Below is a sample listing of our seminars:
  1. "How to Start A Self-Help Group"
  2. "Communities Response to a Sex Offender Living In Your Community"
  3. "How to talk to your child about child sexual abuse and prevention".
  4. "Educational programming for Rabbis on sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment"
  5. "Working with Survivors of Rabbinical Sexual Abuse and or Sexual Misconduct"

We cannot provide these services without your continued financial support. If you want to help The Awareness Center grow, send your donation check to:

The Awareness Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 65273
Baltimore, MD 21209


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