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Top Jewish Rape Victim Advocates of 2005

The following individuals took a public stand against sexual violence in Jewish communities around the world in 2005. The list is in alphebetical order.
  1. Most important - All of the Survivors of Sexual Violence who have come forward!
  2. Rabbi Hershel Billet, Woodmere, NY
  3. Rabbi Rabbi Yosef Blau - New York, NY
  4. Rabbi Reuven Bulka - Ottawa, Canada
  5. Rabbi Sholom Ciment - Boynton Beach, FL
  6. Rabbi Mark Dratch - Executive Director, JSAFE, New York, NY
  7. Rabbi Moshe Green - Committee for Rabbinic Integrity, Monsey, NY
  8. Rabbi Yisroel Hager - Committee for Rabbinic Integrity, Monsey, NY
  9. Rabbi Chaim Halberstam - Committee for Rabbinic Integrity, Monsey, NY
  10. Leah Marinella, RN, CNM, NP - Advocate for the survivors of Mordecai Tender, Suffern, NY
  11. Anne Margolis, RCN, CNM, NP, MSN - Advocate for the survivors of Mordecai Tender, Suffern, NY
  12. Ellen Mugman - Children's Advocate for over 20 years, Baltimore, MD
  13. Rabbi Mordechai Ohrbach - Committee for Rabbinic Integrity, Monsey, NY
  14. Vicki Polin - Executive Director, The Awareness Center, Baltimore, MD
  15. Talli Rosenbaum - co-Author Survey Released on Jewish Women's Sexuality
  16. Rabbi Chaim Leibish Halevi Rottenberg - Committee for Rabbinic Integrity, Monsey, NY
  17. Survivor of Rabbi David Mayersohn - Who does Advocacy work on the behalf of survivors of other cases.
  18. Survivor of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler - Who file a civil suit against her alleged offender.
  19. Survivor of Cantor Michael Segelstein - Who continues a legal battle against her alleged offender.
  20. Michael Salamon, PhD - Victim Advocate
  21. Rukhl Schaechter - Author of articles on rabbinical sexual misconduct
  22. Rabbi Gedalia Schwartz - Chicago, IL
  23. Rabbi Chaim Shraga Feival Shnaybalgl - Committee for Rabbinic Integrity, Monsey, NY
  24. Jewish Whistleblower - Editor Jewish Whistleblower Blog
  25. Jan Wohlberg - Founder / Executive Director - TELL (Therapy Exploitation Link Line)
  26. Steven I. Weiss - Editor Protocols and Canonist Blogs
  27. Rachel Yehuda - co-Author Survey Released on Jewish Women's Sexuality
  28. Rabbi Sharaga Feivel Halevi Zimmerman - Committee for Rabbinic Integrity, Monsey, NY

Back on December 16, 2005 the list of "Top Jewish Rape Victim Advocates in History" was created. We all NEED to thank each and everyone "Jewish Rape Victim Advocate" for stepping out of the box and taking a stand against childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, professional sexual misconduct (rabbinical sexual misconduct), and sexual harassment.

These individuals are making our communities safer for everyone. The next time they walk into a room you are in, please stand up and give them a round of applause. You may want to also either give them a call, or write them to thank them.


Blogger Biraishis said...

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov taught that the prime reason a person is sent to this world is to be tested in this matter (sex; thought, speach, and action). As the world 'progresses' and moral standards decline, as the media pumps our minds and thoughts with this issue, and as it abounds in the street, it is almost impossible to expect to have any control on the mayhem that is the result. There is no way to escape what is going on today. It is impossiblt to shelter from what is going on, some way or other every thing is effected. Our only hope is to spread the teachings of Rabbi Nachman who not only adresses this issue directly, he actually speaks to our generation, and he guarantees that those that follow him will succeed.
Today Rabbi Nachman's followers spreading the message Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman are spreading the truth and reality of correct kosher existence for our day. While at home the children are raised sheltered and often even at the Shabas table men and women are seated seperately, when their is reason their is Kosher interaction. The men go onto the streets daily and deal with the modern world like everyone else, the difference is that they are in the involved in POSITIVE encouragement of corrective morality, and they are protected by the spirit of Rabbi Nachman.
There is a great more to be said, however first I'd like to see this comment approved, then with the help of G-d we can take this further.

March 26, 2008 7:23 PM  

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