Saturday, January 28, 2006

Psychological Manipulation of Women

Special Issue: Women Under The Influence

Cultic Studies Journal - Volume 14, No. 1 (1997)

Vicki Polin:

I recently received a copy of a special issue of the Cultic Studies Journal that deals with women's' issues and psychological manipulations. I strongly suggest that individuals working with survivors of rabbinic sexual misconduct read it.

Though you may not agree with everything that is said, I believe the special issue will help us all have a better understanding of the dynamics of what happens in these sorts of cases.

Below are some quotes from the journal:
"Despite the common misconceptions that only crazy, unstable, or weird people are in cults, research has shown that most cult members are of above-average intelligence, come from stable backgrounds, and do not have a history of psychological illness."

"Cults leaders and cult recruiters tend to capture the hearts, minds and souls of the best and brightest in our society."

Healing from psychosexual abuse
"Bearing in mind that cults control their members through deceptive and manipulative techniques that induce dependency, anxiety, and fear, the recovery process for someone who has extricated themselves from a cult is indeed a rocky road. Former members typically experience a range of feelings; fear, mistrust, and betrayal, as well as confusion and disorientation. Major areas of work will revolve around the following: reestablishing boundaries; regaining self-esteem and self-confidence; dealing with feelings of betrayal; learning to trust again; resolving identity crisis (who am I: how did it happen?); and what I call exorcising the "hindering" emotionals of shame, blame, and guilt.


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