Thursday, January 26, 2006

Call to Action: The Case of Rabbi David Lipman

Rabbi David Lipman
Rabbi David Lipman was world-renowned for his biblical and Talmudic knowledge. His web site, Gates to Jewish Heritage,, contained more than 15,000 pages of Jewish thought, meticulously organized, which was read by more than 13,000 people daily. Rabbi Lipman was a Rabbi in Seattle, WA, Cranston, RI, and Prescott, AZ.

The Awareness Center is looking for survivors of Rabbi David Lipman who are willing to be interviewed by a journalist and have their story published. If you are interested, please contact Vicki Polin for more information.

The Awareness Center asks that whenever an article comes out regarding David Lipman you send it to us, including a link on the page on which it was found.

The Awareness Center asks that you write letters to the editors of the Daily Courier <> requesting that David Lipman be accountable for his alleged sexual abuse of two young girls. Please forward your letters to The Awareness Center and send a note giving us permission to publish your letter on our web page.

The Awareness Center asks that you inform them of any other synagogues in which David Lipman was a Rabbi.


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