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Allegations Against Rabbi Moshe Tendler Too?

Rabbi Moshe (Moses) Dovid Tendler, Ph.D.

There have been rumors circling regarding Moshe Tendler's behavior for years. Let's go back to the 1950's - 60's, that is when allegedly the first serious allegation(s) were made of professional sexual misconduct?

If the rumors of the allegations are true, how did the rabbunim of the time handle the situation(s)?

If you have information related to these past allegations or if you are one of his survivors, please send a confidential e-mail.

Everyone keeps warning me Not to publish anything about Moshe Tendler. They make his past behavior (on various other types of situations not related to sexual violence) sound like he's a bully. If this is true, why hasn't anyone ever spoken out against him? What are they afraid of?

Remember, Rabbi Moshe Tendler is the father of both Rabbi Aron Tendler and Rabbi Mordecai Tendler.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are also now hearing about the allegations about Moshe Tendler. If the allegations of professional sexual misconduct are true about Moshe Tendler, who made the allegations go away? I know these allegations are old, yet they have been floating around out there.

Let’s look at the larger picture here. Both of Moshe Tendler's sons have serious allegations made against them.

The only other case of siblings I’m aware of in the Jewish community are that of the Nevison’s. We have the case of Howard Nevison ..., his brother Lawrence Nevison ... and Howard’s nephew Stewart ...

When the Nevision case broke, I kept wondering who molested the older two Nevison brothers?

As we all know Incest is one family tradition that NEEDS to be stopped.

I do not know if the Tendler brother’s were abused as children, and if they were if it was by someone in or out of the family.

We have to also remember there were the Tendler's two twin cousin’s who posed naked for Penthouse. Posing for a porn magazine is something highly unusual for women to do, yet women from observant backgrounds? Statistically the majority of individuals involved in the porn industry are survivors of sexual abuse.

We also have to keep in mind that rabbi Matis Weinberg ... , who’s family has been tied to the Tendler’s for years. I believe they are related by marriage. Could he have been the Tendler boy's offender? Or was he abused by the same individual that could have abused the Tendler's? I also want to put the case of Ephraim Bryks in there. ... My gut tells me that he is connected to the same originally offender.

One has to wonder "IF" all of these rabbis were molested as children, and who started this horrendous family tradition? And how do we make it stop? Are the Tendler children safe? Has child protection been called in to do an evaluation on them?

Case of Cantor Howard Nevison

Lawrence Nevison

Case of Stuart Nevison

Case of Aron Tendler

Case of Mordechai Tendler

Case of Ephraim Bryks

Case of Matis Weinberg

January 26, 2006 2:57 AM  
Anonymous Rabbi Mark Dratch said...

A reference was made to my recent article on Lashon Hara justifying the post on Rabbi Moshe Tendler. I wrote the article because I do not want the charge of lashon hara to improperly and anti-halachically (if there is such a word) to prevent innocent victims/survivors from getting the help they need, to protect innocents from future abuse and to advocate justice. While I am not privy to any information that this blog may have, I want to reemphasize the following paragraph from the article (p.3):

Rabbi Eliyahu ben Hayyim (Ra’anah) even allows seeking derogatory information about someone and permits the soliciting of witnesses of a possible transgression. Although Rosh bans such a public appeal unless two witnesses have already come forward against the alleged sinner—after all, “fishing” publicly for evidence against someone is itself damaging to that person’s reputation—Ra’anah explains that that applies only when there are no reasonable suspicions against the individual at all. But, when one is certain that a sin has been committed and that there exist witnesses who have not come forward, he may go public with an appeal for their testimony and a court may even threaten those reluctant witnesses with contempt if they do not appear.

I urge anyone making public allegations to ensure that these standards have been met in this case and others, and urge extreme caution and responsibility in evaluating the validity, substance and weight of suspicions and rumors.

January 26, 2006 3:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you aware that at least one, if not more survivor of Rabbi Aron Tendler called on Luke Ford to have their story told?

Why? Because at least he had the courage to post something about Tendler on his site at least a year ago. What has the RCA, RCC, or any other rabbi done to protect potential innocent individuals from becoming the next victim?

January 26, 2006 3:02 AM  

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