Monday, November 14, 2005

Quotes For Today

  1. Don't be afraid of tomorrow.
  2. No one should fear the truth.
  3. Sometimes the truth is not simple.
  4. It is no disgrace to fall down -- the disgrace is in not getting up and going ahead.
  5. You can change your attitude.
  6. Worry gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere.
  7. An imagination can make reality far more enjoyable.
  8. Drive away fear.
  9. A genius needs to think differently from the masses.
  10. Make full use of what happens to you.
  11. Brush away criticisms made from fears.
  12. Your mind can either free or imprison you.
  13. Admire people who succeed at living life on their own terms.
  14. Success rarely comes without a struggle.
  15. You may have to forgo wealth and power if you want to attain happiness and freedom.
  16. Try to make a living engaging your passion.
  17. You cannot live if you are always sleeping.
  18. Fight for just causes


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