Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Getting The Word Out About Your Offender

One of the most important thing for survivors of sexual violence to do is to join forces with each other. We all have to work as a team supporting each other. Yes, it's true there are those out there who are determined to silence us. We can NOT allow them to do that. They thought when they were assaulting us that we would be frightened into silence. They were wrong.

I was just reading the following web page and wanted to make sure that every survivor who reads this blog helps get the word out that sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape happen in Jewish communites (just as they happen in every other community).

Go to the following web page provided by "SNAP" and write at least 1 letter a day to a newspaper editor letting them know about The Awareness Center, and if you feel comfortable sharing your story with them (read this article first), and letting them know how The Awareness Center helped you.

Letters to the Editor
Tips to help you get published!


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