Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Standing Together, Standing Firm

I'm sure you are all aware of the attacks on the Survivors of Mordecai Tendler (please note that I can no longer put the title of rabbi in front of this thugs name), the RCA and The Awareness Center.

I want to honor all of the women who came forward to tell the truth. They deserve an award for their bravery. I think we should also honor and support those who have been supportive to the survivors throughout this whole ordeal.

Remember no matter what the outcome is of the Beit Din in Jerusalem, know that you have won. You got the word out. You have warned the world of this man's unethical behavior.

Remember there was enough information provided that the RCA removed his name from their membership.

Remember without your efforts of coming forward more women would have been sexually manipulated by this man. You are heros for taking the risks you did to protect others.

I know that those in the Tendler camp are attempting to make the issue about the RCA and The Awareness Center. They are boths great distractions. The reality is that no matter what Mordecai Tendler says or does -- this is all about Mordecai Tendler using his role as a rabbi to manipulate women who came to him for help. He was supposed to be counseling them not developing his relationship with them sexually.
  1. Was his behavior of a man who is supposed to be considered Torah observant?
  2. Is this the behavior of an orthodox rabbi?
  3. Was his actions considered a form of sexual assault?
Remember that in cults, sexual abuse and or assault is common amongst the manipulative cult leader and his or her followers.

What is most important to remember is that it's only a small handful of people attacking. We are all in this together. I know it may seem scary -- remember if our voices were NOT being heard they would be ignoring our efforts to make our communites safe from sexual violence.