Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Online Course on Sex Trafficking at the University of Rhode Island Advanced Topics in Sex Trafficking

Today, the buying and selling of women and children for sexual purposes is one of the most profitable criminal activities in the world. Each year, an estimated one million children enter the global sex trade. On the Internet, child pornography and enticement of children for sexual purposes are the most significant cyber crimes, and distribution of obscene material is the most under prosecuted cyber crime. Tolerance of the sex trade around the world has resulted in increased prostitution, sex tourism, and ubiquitous pornography. These forms of sexual exploitation have devastating consequences for the health and well being of millions of women and children. Victims suffer from physical injuries, psychological trauma, addictions, and infectious and sexually transmitted diseases. For the majority of victims their survival is at risk.

Advanced Topics in Sex Trafficking (Women's Studies 490) is an online course that will focus on the sexual exploitation and abuse of women and children through trafficking, prostitution, and pornography. Topics covered will include: the organization and operation of criminal networks, official corruption, the role of the state in facilitating and combating sexual exploitation, health effects, perpetrator behavior, and policy debates. There will be particular focus on victim needs and services. Course materials include theoretical essays, research reports, expert testimonies, prevention education materials, protocols for services, and curricula for recovery programs.

Students will access and participate in the course through WebCT at the University of Rhode Island. The class will be offered during the Fall semester (Sept 7 - Dec 9). Registration is open to non-URI students on July 6, 2005.

The instructor of the course is Dr. Donna M. Hughes, Professor and Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Endowed Chair in Women's Studies. For more information, email her at dhughes@uri.edu