Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I was wondering if anyone has read any new books on healing that they think are good?


Blogger vzl said...

No, but I'm interested in books on certain educational aspects, which I do consider contributing to healing.

Am looking to get a copy of "The Sociopath Next Door".

Has anyone here read it?

May 24, 2005 3:01 PM  
Blogger Victim-of-RMT said...

Asking for books on healing?
Your site of Survivors Of Sexual Violence Speak Out is a silencer; why would you pretend to want books to give insight for the healing process?

You allowed “constitutional man” to spam the threads on Tendler.

And you leave it there.

You have no e-mail address listed for any communication.

You have no backbone just as the other "supporters" for Jewish victims of abuse.

Silencer you are-communication and healing you are not

May 27, 2005 2:23 PM  
Blogger Victim-of-RMT said...

Remember it's all about Mordecai Tendler.
You didn’t delete from here?????

May 30, 2005 12:55 AM  
Blogger vzl said...

I've just begun reading "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout, ph.d.


"...My trauma patients suffer from a host of torments, including chronic anxiety, incapacitating depression, and dissociative mental states.... Some have been traumatized by natural and man-made disasters...but most of them have been controlled and psychologically shattered by individual human perpetrators, often sociopaths---sometimes sociopathic strangers, but more typically sociopathic parents, older relatives, or siblings.
...Working with hundreds of survivors, I have become convinced that dealing openly and directly with the facts about sociopathy is a matter of urgency for us all."

Some characteristics:

"..Sociopaths have a greater than normal need for stimulation, which results in their takin frequent social, physical, financial or legal risks. ....They can charm others into attempting dangerous ventures with them, and as a group are known for their pathological lying and conning, and their parasitic relationships with "friends". Regardless of how educated or highly placed as adults, they may have a history of early behavior problems, sometimes including drug use or recorded juvenile delinquency, and always including a fairlure to acknowledge responsibility for any problems that occur.

"And sociopaths are noted especially for their shallowness of emotion, the hollow and transient nature of any affectionate feelings they may claim to have, a certain breathtaking callousness. They have no trace of empathy and no genuine interest in bonding emotionally with a mate. Once the surface charm is scraped off, their marriages are loveless, one-sided, and almost always short-term. If a marriage partner has any value to the sociopath, it is because the partner is viewed as a possession, one that the socipath may feel angry to lose, but never sad or accountable."

May 30, 2005 9:30 AM  

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