Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Is It Constitutional?

As many of you are aware we have at least one visitor to our blog that keeps posting the US constitution in the comments. It's obvious this individual(s) want attention. So I want to give them all the attention they deserve.

Are these individuals attempting to offer support to individuals who have been sexually victimized? Or are they posting spam in an attempt to harass us?

It's been brought to my attention that several other blogs have been visited by the individual(s) who find humor in posting the US Constitution over and over again. Many people I've spoken to believe that our spammer()s may be Yori Yanover and or Rabbi Hershy Worch.

I've been told that the blogs that have been hit by these alleged spammers include:

  1. Your Moral Leader
  2. Protocols
  3. Jewish Whistleblower
  4. The Beach of Yellow

It's interesting to note that all of these blogs address sexual violence in Jewish communities.

We do not know for sure that our spammer is Yori or Hershy, but everyone keeps suggesting it's either one or both of them. If you are the individual(s) who keeps posting the constitution, why not just let us know who you are. No reason to hide your true identity.


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