Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Your Parent Who is also Your Offender is Seriously Ill -- What Do You Do?

Whether it's your mother or father, when a family member is serious ill all sorts of emotions come to the surface. What happens when that parent is also someone who molested you as a child. What do you do?

Imagine how complicated this can be if you as a survivor hasn't had contact with your family for many years. Do you go to your parents bedside? Do you attend a funeral if they pass away? How do you decide what the right thing for you to do is?

If you have been through this, or have thought about it, please help others and let them know what you did, or what you think you would do. We don't have to deal with these kinds of issues alone anymore.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Uncle was someone very close to me as a child. He was a sort of parent to me. He was also one of my offenders. When he died of cancer I was told not to come to the funeral. No one in my family wanted me to be around. I knew for myself I had to go. I needed to put closure on that part of my life, so I brought a friend with me. We sat in the back, and I did my best to avoid eye contact with anyone. I did what I needed for myself. Something before couseling I would never have done.

February 24, 2005 8:11 PM  

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