Thursday, April 05, 2007

Reforming the Legal System to Truly Protect Children (and Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse)

Marci Hamilton, a professor of constitutional law at Cardozo University talks about Reforming the Legal System to Truly Protect Children.

She is an internationally recognized constitutional expert specializing in church/state relations. She is a leading national authority on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and is involved in cutting edge First Amendment litigation, for both clergy abuse and land use cases.

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Segment 1
Marci shared her background and how she happened to specialize in religious institutions and Constitutional law. She discussed her book, GOD VS. THE GAVEL, and her view that child sexual abuse is caused by the power differential that our society and our laws keep in place. She stated that the biggest legal problem is the statutes of limitation laws that make prosecution of offenders very difficult.
Segment 2
We discussed in detail the statutes of limitation issue and what it would take to change them. She proposed using the civil rights movement as a model for a grassroots movement to empower children. She then discussed the powerful interests that prevent children's rights from being honored.
Segment 3
We discussed other reforms that are needed to empower children, such as penalties for those who fail to report sexual abuse and a national data base of abusers. We discussed the religious origins of the disempowerment of women and children and the importance of getting the message out that child sexual abuse is wrong.


Anonymous Vicki Polin said...

Thank you Marci for doing this talk show and all the work you do!

April 05, 2007 9:30 AM  

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