Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Are There More Male Then Female Survivors of Professional Sexual Misconduct / Clergy Sexual Abuse?

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There's a trend that I've been noticing that I want to bring to everyone's attention.

When looking over the number of alleged cases of clergy sexual abuse in Jewish (and in other faiths) communities in the news media the majority seems to be male survivors.

Is it that the news media is more interested in boys who are sexually abused by our religious leaders? or could it be that female survivors are more intimidated in coming forward?

Looking at the ratio between male and female survivors once has to wonder if separating boys and girls at schools or youth programs really helps to keep our children safe?

Sex crimes against children is about power and control. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation. What I am pointing out is the fact that we seem to think that sexual violence is a problem only faced by females. We also seem to think that by keeping boys and girls separate protects them from being violated.

The list below is of alleged and convicted sex offenders with influence over their victims. Not all of the alleged offenders abused children, yet their alleged victims were male. If you can think of any others I'm forgetting please post them in the comment section.
  1. Yisrael Abadi
  2. Errine Renata Acciaroli
  3. Gerald Ackerman
  4. Simcha Adler
  5. Eugene Loub Aronin
  6. David Carl Arndt
  7. Michael Ashbal
  8. Aryeh Blaut
  9. Harvey Berish
  10. Moshe Eisemann
  11. Gershon Freidlin
  12. Ephraim Goldberg
  13. Solomon Hafner
  14. Mark Horowitz
  15. Alan Horowitz
  16. David Kaye
  17. Yehuda Kolko (AKA: Joel Kolko)
  18. Zeev Kopolevitch
  19. Jerrold Levy
  20. Yona Metzger
  21. Avrohom Mondrowitz
  22. Marni Nasia-Rubin
  23. Howard Nevison
  24. Stanley Rosenfeld
  25. Ben Zion Sobel
  26. Ze'ev Sultanovitch
  27. Tzvi Wainhaus
  28. Matis Weinberg
  29. Yaakov Weiner
  30. Nachman Weisfeld
  31. Mordechai Yomtov


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