Saturday, June 10, 2006

From Perverted Justice: Speaking sexually explicitly to real teens on the Internet is called "solicitation" and "enticement"

Speaking sexually explicitly to real teens on the Internet is called "solicitation" and "enticement" and is not fantasy- it is a federal crime and a crime in many states as well. The Internet is federal jurisdiction as well as state jurisdiction. The federal Age of Consent is 18 or older. In many cases it is illegal to speak sexually explicitly with a child; certainly in many states and federally it is illegal to transmit pornographic naked pictures of one's self masturbating to a minor or one whom one believes is a minor- it does harm a child to view this material, and in many states the chatlog alone is sufficient circumstancial evidence for a felony conviction, without any actual overt intent nor significant steps taken towards a meeting with the child for sex.

How can it be fantasy when they believe they are talking illegally with a REAL child for sexual gratification and enticement? These men "groom" children for sex, prostituition, pornography, abduction, sometimes the grooming chats occur over months and years, and then results in the perv gaining the child's trust, for a rape, an abduction, or for the creation of child porn or worse. Do NOT minimize the illegality and the immorality of the acts of harm these men intend to cause to children by their alleged fantasies that are really NOT fantasies but communications towards enticement. Child rape is not a fantasy and the harmful effects can last a lifetime- every child porn image is a rape victim and the children are re-victimized with each trade of that image- because children cannot consent to sex and the child porn black market business fuels the rape, abduction, maiming, and killing of thousands of children world wide each year for the sake of YOUR alleged fantasies and selfish cowardly orgasms that "were harmless, doing harm only to themselves" /sarcasm!

It is not the children luring the pervs, it is always the adults who have the upper hand. I save my sympathy for those who cannot, who cannot be expected to know better, by law and by reason- the children.

Given a choice - free speech for adults talk dirty to kids and pretend it is fantasy vs Child Rape?

I choose to protect the children!

Child predators count upon the enabling view that the anonymous commenter posted. Following his advice would be stupid and harmful to both children and adults.

I would not trust a child in the care of ANY man that would speak to a child in the manner of these men. I would not trust a single one with his own child either, of the 800+ men that Perverted-Justice has busted online over the last two years, not one was innocent- they all premeditated their crimes and many are beginning to be processed through the judicial system. They all need to be convicted registered sex offenders and locked up away from children. Let them get their counseling from a jail cell.

Just read a few ROR's ("Right of Reply") and you will see that they all claim the same things- ANYTHING to try and gain sympathy and they are only sorry that they got caught! 1) "It wasn't me, I was hacked." 2) "I was roleplaying fantasizing, never intended to meet" 3)I never thought of doing something like this, it was my first time" We get these from EVERY busted perv even the previously convicted child sex predators on bond or parole for doing the same thing last week.
Once they are on the INTERNET talking to someone they believe is a child, then this ceases to be "thought" and becomes enticement. If they are fantasizing why do they give out their cell phone numbers and mapqwest directions? They are accessing risk everytime they ask the kid about their parents jobs and schedules and siblings, etc.

Enticement of someone under the age of 18 by an adult at least 3 years of age older, carries a minimum 5 year sentence in federal prison. Keep your pervy speech in your head and go get help for your problem. Our children are NOT on the INTERNET prowling for pervs but, I guarantee you- we are.


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Well said Intelec!

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