Sunday, December 18, 2005

Jewish Theological Seminary New Guidelines - Draft

The Jewish Theological Seminary

Steven I. Weiss at the Canonist has a copy of the draft standards for students at the Jewish Theological Seminary. JTS New Guidelines Draft PDF:

If JTS can rewrite standards for their studenst, why can't they find a way to take away an ordination (Smicha) from someone who is a graduate (especially after they have been serious accusations or convicted of sexual crimes)?

I guess we should really be asking the administration of the
Reconstructionist Rabbnical College. Don't forget they are the institution who ordained Rabbi David Kaye.

We also need to be asking those at the Conservative movement to request that Reconstructionis movement revoke Kaye's ordination. I don't care if it's a college degree, they can change their policies and revoke it.


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